Until now, you as a consumer or business in the UK were able to choose your electricity or gas provider, but not your water retailer.
That has changed since April 2017 thanks to the biggest restructuring of the British water market since the privatisation of companies almost 30 years ago!

   But this is not the first change made in this direction. Scottish non-residential clients have been able to choose their water provider since 2008. What has changed in Scotland since then?
-130,000 businesses were affected by the changes
-Scottish Water remained the sole Scottish wholesaler with complete control of water infrastructure
-New licensed providers now buy water services from SW to resell

   After the first 5 years, the program yielded +35 million pounds on energy savings and customer satisfaction with their water provider increased by 26%

   Many analysts say that consumers can expect a similar market environment in England after the changes in April. It goes without saying that a big challenge lies ahead for the 20 utilities handling water distribution in the UK today. Utilities need to innovate or they'll be at risk vs.other companies with stronger customer relationships such as Nest / Google, Amazon...  Smart metering can lead to substancial benefits to customers such as cost savings. Showering and water heating accounts for 25% of a typical household energy requirement ( just second to space heating ). With our Smart Water flow monitor, a typical 2 member household could save 5,5 m3 water / year, 130kwh in water heating amd 0,06Tn CO2 / yr. 

    One unchanging aspect to keep in mind is that the water regulator will still determine the prices private water companies can charge customers, based on a rather complex formula.​
   UK is the first EU  market where water has been deregulated. This experience if proven positive ( which it seems ) could lead the way for other countries to follow

      Customers now demand real time feedback, transparency, simplicity and control of their service.  The introduction of smart meters and price comparison means customers only need their postcode and a bill to switch their supplier.


     At Defcon8 we can help increase customer satisfaction ( & loyalty ) by providing transparency, real time feedback, with technology.