Smart Cities monitor in real time:


  • la pollution levels
  • los traffic flows & lights
  • waiting time for buses  
  • noise levels 
  • trash collection frequency
  • garden & park watering with humidity sensors 
  • smart lighting 
  • energy consumption in buildings
  • parking management


     The city of Zaragoza reduced its per capita consumption 27% through information campaigns and audits.


     Los Angeles also reduced citizen consumption from 232 gal. in 1995 to 178 in 2010.  23% reduction ! 

   We can help achieve similar reductions with the Flow Monitor in households and public buildings ( Town Halls, offices, schools, museums, airports, hospitals...) 


   The EU has committed to reduce its 1990 CO2 emissions by 40% in 2030. We help achieve this target too.   


Monitoring also allows:

  • check effectivemess  & acceptance of campaigns
  • anticipate invoices 
  • reduce 'workload' of sewage and pumping
  • where and when to restrict water given the case
  • spot leaks
  • find unusual night & weekend consumptions
  • find opportunities to reduce water & energy bills