P R O D U C T   

Defcon's flow monitor is designed to raise awareness of people using water. Water is billed 4 times / year. To foster savings we display the amount of water used in real time during every use.


According to Water UK, consumption in homes without a (water) meter dropped from 160 to 127 l / person / day after adding it. Thats a remarkable 20%. 


Depending on building types, 8-15% of water is saved based on behavior changes ( no flow or time  restrictions ) out of which approximately half is warm / hot.  Buildings with shower ( hotels, hospitals ) have a higher saving potential than others without it ( offices, museums, airports etc )



The product has two parts:

* EMITTER: contains flow meters, temperature                   sensors, and electronics.


* DISPLAY: shows instant and accumulated water                consumption / day, water temperature.  

          The display is behind the mirror                    and remains invisible untill any tap is              opened.


The total daily consumption is automatically reset to zero at dawn every day.



    Flow and temperature for hot and cold water can be sent to the cloud for statistical treatment. This enables fine tuning of water heaters according to demand, external temperature, hour of day, month of year...rather than having a fix temperature 24/7. Invisible leaks and night / weekend consumptions can be found. 


    Anonymous benchmarking vs. similar buildings is possible. For example knowing m3/m2 or m3 / user are useful KPIs that can use to learn best practices.



The display shows instant consumption ( litres ) and ( acumulated litres /day, or remaining amount if a target has been previously set or water mix temperature ). 

The target setting is specially useful for families, schools or hotels.

In other public spaces with unknown daily consumption, showing the total accumulated amount is more effective.


Display units can be ºC, litres or  ºK, gpm.



Hall effect pulse flow meters

Voltage 5V DC  Max. current 1A   Max.Power 5W

Max. pressure 1MPa / 10B / 1000 kPa

Max. water temperature 90ºC

Accuracy +/- 8.6% with 10 l / m flow 

Sensitivity 1,5 l / m

Max. flow 25 l / m


Display size: 12 x 2 x 6,7 cm ; Weight 200 gr

Emitter size: 10,4 x 10,5 x 5,5 cm ; Weight 450 gr Both IP65

Thread : Standard G 1/2''




Flow meters are normally fitted just after the stopcocks and monitor the whole bathroom. 


Time required for installation is approximately 30 minutes.


Delivery includes:

 -2 x flowmeters, temp sensors, electronics 

 -1 x bathroom mirror ; aprox. size 0,9m x 0,8m        (customer defined ).

 -1 x power supply ( 2 in case of RF ) 


The mirror is 2 way ( not conventional )  

The display is 25mm thick. Gap between wall and mirror needs to be 25mm. 

The mirror should be hanged ( not glued ) to the wall for service if ever required. 

No lights should be placed behind the mirror to avoid reflections.