The annual invoice for a 4* / 100 room hotel in Barcelona is approximately 90K€. ( 2019 )

And the energy bill for water heating considering gas as energy source 66K€ / yr


      In Spain energy costs have doubled and water's tripled  in the past decade.  Energy represents around 10% of a typical hotel costs out of which 25% correspond to water heating.  


    Reducing water and energy costs help mitigate rising energy costs and improve profit without increasing customer tariffs. 


    75% of customers follow the towel policy. This customer is 'green', looks after the planet and will use water more efficiently with the aid of Flow Monitor. Shorter showers, not using toilet as a paper bin, close tap while shaving, toothbrushing...are some examples of behavior changes...


    These are voluntary changes and therefore do not affect customer satisfaction. On the contrary, customers value sustainable hotels with climate change policies.


Approximately 89% of water is used in rooms. the rest in the laundry. bar, kitchen...


    13% of savings would represent 4000 m3 /year( 9300€ ) + 6700€ in water heating. Total: 16K€ anual.   76 Tn/CO2 avoided / yr.


   Hot & cold flow and temperature can be statistically processed. Patterns can be used to understand weekend  & night usage ( leaks?)  This information is also useful to answer questions such as:

-can I turn the water heater off at night?

-energy wise which rooms should I sell first?   



    Monitoring allowed us to find incorrect cleaning procedures ( hot water was left running for 7 min.daily / per room to clean better the mirror / tiles )  This correction alone saved 16,5 K€ / yr.


   Considering for example the cost of water in Glasgow ( 5.78€/m3 ) the Return of Invertment for a 100 room hotel would be approximately 2 years.


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