1. What's the point in having this device?

Most people are not aware of how much energy is required to heat water. In average 23% of electric consumption of a 2 member household is used for heating water , most of it in in the bathroom / shower. Defcon8 is about empowering consumers to take more control and be more aware about their water consumption.

2. What does the display show?  
​It shows water consumption and it's temperature while taps are open. After 3 minutes of non use the display is reset but the captured flow & temp data is sent to the cloud for statistical treatment.

3. What benefits do the users get? 
Displaying the consumption awakes users' consciousness, generates a cause-effect reaction and less water is used. For a 40 room 4* hotel we save 255m3 of water, 13200 KWh & 8.4 Tn CO2 / year.                

4. Technical requeriments:
Electrical  : 220V AC / 50Hz
Hydraulic : stantand Gas 3/4'' threads.
Communications ( are optional ) : data gets to our server through own 3G or internet.                                            

5. Is it compatible with aereators, electronic mixers, pressure regulators /temporized taps? 
100% yes                                               

6. Does it requiere maintenance or calibration?                                     

7.Does this device add any pressure losses?         
0,04 kg / cm2 with 10 l / min flow                                            

8. What's the warranty period?       
Three years.                                 

9. Does it withstand legionella tests?

10. Is it just for new building / refurbishments? 
It's easier, due to wiring & plumbing but it can be installed in existing bathrooms too.

11. Does it require any special mounting position / angle?                                             Performance is the same vertical or horizontally fit.

12. which units is the information shown? 
There are two possible configurations : ºC/l and ºF/gal.                                                

13. Can I connect it to a high pressure toilet flush ? 
Yes, as long as pressure is under 10B ( 1MPa ) and flowrate below 25 l / min.

14. Do I need a special mirror? 
Yes, the mirror is semi transparent and included in the offer (according to it's size.)

17.How much space ( thickness )  does the display need behind the mirror? 


Aditional Information : Company sponsored by Enisa