Defcon 8 is a water saving company (  + energy required to heat water ) for buildings & homes.


*  Our device saves average 15% water by generating awareness  (without reducing flow nor limiting time of use ...)


*   It's 100% compatible with other water saving devices such as aereators, temporized taps, electronic mixers, pressure limiters...


*  The information of flow, temperature, time is statistically processed providing valuable information to fine tune water heater temperature and quantity according to time of day, month of year,  external temperature... )  


* Benchmarking : compare to other buildings of your own group or sector.


* A typical 2 member household avoids emission of 0,28Tn CO2 / year


* Leak alarmas & sustainable building certificate.


* Defcon8 is about empowering end consumers to take more control and be more aware over their water consumption.