Today, natural resources are more precious than ever, and water is the number one risk factor, according to the World Economic Forum. 


Human population is growing, specially in cities.  Every second, 2 people join urban population. (+5M persons / month). Current city  models become unsustainable. 


On the other hand, water & energy prices are unpredictable and have risen over the consumer price index in most RU countries during the past decades.


According to Paris and Kyoto agreements, the EU has committed to reduce it's carbon footprint 40% vs its emissions in 1990. 


One of the measures to achieve this is improving buildings' losses, where EU directives for new or refurbished buildings are stricter.  These need to be self sustainable ( or o near Zero Energy Buildings.)


At Defcon8, we help people save water & energy in buildings by providing real time feedback and empowering people take a better grip of their water usage.